AMDM - Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Ltd

AmaDema is an SME founded in 2013 with the ultimate goal to create an innovative company in the field of advanced polymer composite materials and help Cyprus enter the world map of composite materials innovative products. AmaDema focuses on the design and manufacturing of advanced composite materials, by identifying the problems and needs of customers in a variety of industries (aviation, defence, sports, automotive, shipping, etc.) by providing them with a variety of material services and product solutions in the field of materials. The company has access (within premises or through external partners) to a variety of specialized technical equipment and processes which enable AmaDema to deliver both intermediate materials and end-products.


PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd

PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd (PHOEBE) is an SME which deals with the design, development and realization of cloud-based solutions, to help system operators and consumers to enhance efficiency, security and quality of their services. Its vision is to make smart technologies accessible to industrial operators, by designing cloud-based software and hardware solutions, combining state-of-the-art research, crowd-sourcing and machine learning, addressing challenges related to energy efficiency, waste reduction and enhanced security