The general objectives of the proposed work are summarized as follows:

            - Design and develop a new custom-made machine for processing of  NanoWeld® carbon fabrics in a production level;
            - Design and implementation of a novel control system with online adaptation capabilities and learning of non-linear dynamics for the newly developed machine, so as to control the surface temperature of the roll of the underline R2R process adapting to changes in the characteristics of the material to be processed;  
            - Integration of the novel adaptive non-linear feedback control system with the new custom-made machine and optimization of the processing performance, using state-of-the-art machine learning methods (e.g. approximation of the non-linear process dynamics through RBF structures, etc.); 
            - Design and planning of the scale-up of the developed process for integration with production of advanced textiles/prepregs; process specifications: adjustability, speed, quality and product specifications; 
            - Evaluation of the  NanoWeld® textiles processed by the new machine through mechanical testing, to assure mechanical performance is not affected
            - Significant acceleration of the commercialization of  NanoWeld® textiles and increase of the capacity of the production;  
            - Establishment and commercialization of a new type of smart R2R processing industrial machine, with a novel, adopted non-linear automatic control system.